Free Storage, SAN and LAN Performance and Capacity Monitoring


It is going to be released at the 13th of Feb 2019.

Major enhancements are support for further storage systems and new features.

New storage support

  • Dell EMC² PowerVault ME4 Series
  • Dell EMC² PowerMAX
  • IBM FlashSystem 9100

New features

  • Reporter - many enhancements
  • Report of inactive volumes (under Volume TOP) for last month
  • Total graphs (all storages in single graph IO/Data/Latency)
  • Grouping storages in then menu into custom defined groups
  • POOL capacity heatmap
  • Virtual capacity and over-subscription added into tables/graphs
  • HW summary of all devices (serial, IP, model ...)

Other enhancements

  • NetAPP: oversubscription for pools added
  • HPE StoreOnce: housekeeping graphs (housekeeping status and housekeeping pending)
  • IBM DS8000: health status implemented
  • IBM DS8000: Port graphs are enhanced about CRC Error, Receive Buffer Zero, Send Buffer Zero
  • IBM SVC/Storwize/FlashSystem: number of seesions to the storage was significantly reduced
  • DataCore: volume latency implemented (DataCore Rest Api 1.07+)
  • Hitachi VSP-G: snapshot status implementation (copy services)
  • Hitachi VSP-G: health status
  • Hitachi VSP-G: FMC Pool capacity data graphed
  • Dell Compellent: added capacity trend graph
  • SAN: optimisation on the back-end, less SNMP queries is needed
  • Reporter enhanced about capacity trends reporting