Free Storage, SAN and LAN Performance and Capacity Monitoring


The tool is able to provide base for your storage accounting based on allocated data in the time.
Capacity allocation data is stored per:
  • Pool
  • Tier
  • Volume
Capacity data is stored every hour.

Customers with premium support subscription can use a framework which exports capacity allocation data from the tool in the format required by each customer.

Output format options:
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • JSON
  • XML
  • PDF
  • Graphical in the UI

Further reporting options:
  • Raw capacity allocation (include RAID and spare disk overhead)
  • Automated creation and either saving in defined location or sending via email
  • One or more defined storages in single report
  • Daily/weekly/monthly or custom date based reports


  • Excel reports
  • Simple example below for allocated space by a storage with 3 Pools in CSV format:
    Time (DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS),Pool1,Pool2,Pool3,TOTAL (GB)
    01.08.2016 00:00:00,20000,20000,20000,60000
    01.08.2016 01:00:00,20000,20000,20000,60000
    31.08.2016 22:00:00,22000,20000,30000,72000
    31.08.2016 23:00:00,22000,20000,30000,72000
    Similar reports can be created for Volume or Tier allocation.

  • Here you can find real simple example of a report for Tier1 storages on hourly base in TB for half of month.