Free Storage, SAN and LAN Performance and Capacity Monitoring

Custom Groups

Custom Groups feature allows you group selected items from physically different devices (storages/SAN switches) into one aggregated graph.

It creates these aggregated graphs:
  • Storage Pools / Volumes / Hosts
    • IO rate
    • IO read
    • IO write
    • data rate
    • data read
    • data write
    • response time total (latency)
    • response time read
    • response time write
  • SAN ports
    • data in
    • data out
    • frames in
    • frames out
    • BB credits
    • errors


Custom group example 1      Custom group example2

Further examples can be found on the product demo site

Functionality is similar to historical reports, however here you can preconfigure it. Then you will get required daily-yearly graphs in 2 or 3 clicks

It is all configured from the UI