How to rename storage alias

Under stor2rrd account
  1. stop the storage agent
    • comment out an crontab entry for storage type in crontab (just one line)
    • kill all running processes for that storage
      $ ps -ef| grep old_storage_alias
      $ kill ....
  2. STOR2RRD v2.60+: UI --> settings icon --> Storages --> select the storage and change its alias

  3. Older stor2rrd versios: rename storage alias in etc/storage-list.cfg

  4. rename data directory
    $ cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd
    $ mv data/<old_storage_alias> data/<new_storage_alias>
    $ mv www/<old_storage_alias>  www/<new_storage_alias>
    $ rm -rf tmp/<old_storage_alias> 
    $ rm -f  tmp/health_status_summary/<old_storage_alias>* tmp/mirror-status/<old_storage_alias>*
  5. re-enable crontab for that storage type

  6. make new UI
    $ ./ html
  7. Ctrl-F5 in the UI