Free Storage, SAN and LAN Performance and Capacity Monitoring

Value Added Reseller program

Our Value Added Reseller program is open for partners who want to be more agile!

Partners who want to address new potential storage business.
Partners who want to get better knowledge of environment of their customers.
Partners who need to monitor customers environment remotely.

  • Do you have experience with STOR2RRD product (implementation, operation)?
  • Do you know general principles of infrastructure monitoring?
  • Are you able to fix basic issues with open source products related to STOR2RRD operation?
  • Do you know the local market and potential or existing STOR2RRD users?
  • Do you have customers using storages, the SAN and LAN devices supported by STOR2RRD?
  • Need to grow your business.
  • Want to have special item in your service portfolio.
  • Have a reason to visit your customer periodically.
Become STOR2RRD Value Added Reseller!

What can you expect from us?
  • Second level technical support.
  • Business support.
  • Discount from every sold support contract.
  • We will announce you as our VAR to all our users on our announcement list in your country.
  • Your company will be introduced on STOR2RRD pages as VAR for your region.
How to start?
  • Ask for the sales and delivery conditions via
  • Acquire a customer which is looking for STOR2RRD support.
  • Sign a VAR contract with us
  • VAR FAQs might give you answers for your basic questions
Other your benefits
  • You might set up your own contract with the customer which would include on site support for your hourly rate. (STOR2RRD support levels do not cover on site support)