Free Storage, SAN and LAN Performance and Capacity Monitoring


It is going to be released at the end of Sep 2019.

Anyone would like to test beta? Contact as via
Most of new features and storages you can already see on our demo.

New storage support

  • Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS)
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem DE Series (DE2000/4000/6000)


  • Storage access management is done through UI only
  • New dashboard, it can be dynamically re-grouped, new groups created by users
  • ACL: introduced read-only role, members can see everything but nothing can change
  • Heatmap: enhanced about table visualization
  • IBM SVC/Storwize: support of Zero B2B (%) for 16Gbit adapters (only 8Gbit adapters have been supported till now)
  • IBM XIV: support of host mapping on gen3 hardware
  • IBM FlashSystem: new graphs of HW compression ratio of NVMe SSD disks
  • EMC² Unity: support of firmwares
  • EMC² VNX: support of cache stats for newer firmwares
  • EMC² VNX: monitoring of copy services
  • NetApp: support of ONTAP 9.5P1+
  • HPE Nimble: support of more than 255 LUNs
  • Huawei OceanStor: implemented compression and deduplication graphing
  • Huawei OceanStor: support of Dorado V6+
  • SAN: switches in access gateway mode are grouped into the same fabric called "Access Gateway"
  • View of all Volumes in single table (capacity, mapping, Volume ID) : menu ➡ Configuration ➡ Volumes