Hitachi VSPG REST API support

STOR2RRD v2.80+ supports REST API for collecting storage configuration data.
REST API replaces Hitachi CCI (raidcom commands) and SNMP protocol.
Therefore you no longer have to install CCI to STOR2RRD appliance.
Refere to install manuall how to configure it.

REST API is supported on all new Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform models
  • VSP F/G - 350/370/700/900
  • REST API service running within storage controllers
REST API is also available on older VSP models:
  • minimum microcode version 83-05-xx-yy
  • VSP G - 200/400/600/800
  • REST API service running on the SVP
CCI still has to be used for older models where REST API is not available.