Free SAN and storage performance and capacity monitoring
STOR2RRD generates historical utilization graphs of monitored storages.
It retrieves performance data via the storage API.
It collects and presents complete logical configuration of all storages.
It graphically presents IO rate, data throughput and response times for all Ports, Pools, Ranks, Mdisks, Volumes (LUNs) and drives.

This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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POOL: write IO - month

Pool example
PORT: data rate - week

Port example
RANK: read resp time - week

Rank example
VOLUME: data rate - week

Volume data rate example

Announcements in brief

How it works

  • The tool itself is installed on a unix server together with the web server and storage CLI
  • Storage CLI is configured to access defined storages via a user with minimal user rights (monitor role for DSCLI)
  • There is scheduled download of performance data every 5 minutes for each configured storage and data is stored in RRDTool DB files
  • Aggregated graphs are refreshed every hour or via a "refresh" link on demand
  • Rest of graphs are created on demand
  • The product actually supports:
    • IBM FlashSystem V9000 (Sep 2015)
    • IBM System Storage DS8000
    • IBM System Storage DS6800
    • IBM Spectrum® Virtualize (Storwize and SVC)
    • IBM Spectrum Accelerate (XIV)
    • IBM DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000
    • IBM DCS3700
    • LSI / Engenio based storages
    Complete feature matrix

Why use STOR2RRD?

  • It comes with the same philosophy as its sister product LPAR2RRD.
    Get information you are looking for in 2 - 3 clicks!
  • You can find utilization of any attached storage in a simple graphical form understandable from technician to management level
  • It is free for use, you do not need to invest into expensive commercial solutions
  • It does not require ANY administration as soon as it is initially setup
    in comparison to other commercial tools where you need to have dedicated and trained staff for their administration

How it works

System diagram STOR2RRD
  • It monitors all important physical and logical subsystems of the storages like ports, pools, ranks, mdisks, volumes (LUNs) and disks in 5 minutes intervals
  • It creates IOPS, data throughput and response times graphs of thoses subsystems
  • It collects "Physical and Logical configuration" : Summary and Detail examples
  • Simple to install, configure and use - initial installation & configuration together with dependency tools should not take more than an hour!
  • It can be hosted on any UNIX platform, it just needs the storage API, web server, Perl and RRDTool installed.
  • This is not replacement of tools like IBM Tivoli which monitors storage in deep detail
  • It should act as the front-end tool which easily and quickly helps with identification of load abnormality and locates it. For further deeper analysis is necessary to use storage native tools.

Product roadmap